London Film Festival 2014: Love Is Strange

Love Is Strange

Love Is Strange

by Mark Wilshin

Following his New York story of impossible love Keep The Lights On, Ira Sachs returns with another devastating gay love story in the Big Apple. With acting powerhouses John Lithgow and Alfred Molina unexpectedly, but rivetingly, paired up as a retired gay couple separated and forced onto their friends and family when they lose their Manhattan apartment, Love Is Strange plunges the murky depths of family getting on each other’s nerves and outstaying their welcome. For once, it’s not the two men’s relationship on the line, but rather the other meaningful loves in their lives – as they negotiate cramped apartments and awkward mealtimes. But with a sparkling script and beautiful cinematography from Christos Voudoris, Love Is Strange is a tender, intimate drama of love and its hard-won and under-sung armoury of patience, forgiveness and compassion.

Love Is Strange is showing on Oct 15th & 17th at the 58th BFI London Film Festival

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