The Ice Forest / La Foresta di Ghiaccio (2014)

La Foresta di Ghiaccio

In Claudio Noce’s film, hidden secrets and underlying tensions explode against The Ice Forest‘s mountain landscape.

The Ice Forest

Wood For The Trees

by Laura Bennett

CAUTION: Here be spoilers

The Ice Forest is positively brimming with menace. A stylish thriller set in a remote snowy settlement where suspicion lurks around every corner, Claudio Noce’s film focuses on the arrival of a new technician, Pietro. On the border with Slovenia, this has long been a wild frontier region where cowboys’ steeds are replaced by quad bikes and wolves haunt the mountains. Long, lingering stares are exchanged whenever newcomers come to town. Lana, an undercover detective, is convinced sinister goings-on are afoot, but is rapidly exhausting her superior’s patience. Her attraction to Pietro belies his pivotal role as his background slowly comes into view. With little hard evidence, she gradually uncovers a human trafficking ring that goes back to the Balkan conflict, but now centres on African immigrants desperate to find new lives in Europe. Cracks begin to show, yet the pieces fall into place as the silent valley gives up its long-held secrets, safe in the knowledge that ultimately a fresh blanket of snow will envelop it once again before new mysteries emerge.

The Ice Forest is showing on 6th March 2015 at Cinema Made In Italy at the Ciné Lumière

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