Make Up (2019) – in cinemas and on demand. Online Q&A 3 August

Make Up is an original coming-of-age horror/drama by first-time director Claire Oakley.

Blood on the Tracks?

by Alexa Dalby

Make Up

Ruth (Molly Windsor) is 18. She leaves home for the first time to join her boyfriend Tom (Joseph Quinn) in working the winter season at a deserted caravan park in Cornwall. It’s lonely but she is befriended by outgoing, older fellow worker Jade (Stephanie Martini). Perhaps she’s overly friendly but she’s compelling.

However, the experience of living with her boyfriend does not turn out as she hoped and she has suspicions that things are not how she thinks they are. The empty trailer homes around her start to appear menacing. Some evidence she finds seems to her to suggest her boyfriend having an affair, but when she investigates she is surprised into a growing awareness of her own sexuality.

Make Up is released on 31 July in the UK and on Curzon Home Cinema.
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