Cannes Film Festival 2019: Day 7

Cannes Film Festival 2019: Day 7

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by Alexa Dalby

CAUTION: Here be spoilers


Three generations of a European family come together in the fabled town of Sintra, Portugal, for one last vacation before the family matriarch faces the next, and last, chapter of her life. Over the course of one crisp October day, the fairy tale setting brings about everyone’s most romantic impulses, revealing both cracks between them, as well as unexpected depth of feeling in Ira Sachs’ Frankie. – Festival de Cannes

“There’s something very simple about this one because the story speaks for itself. There are none of the usual devices, only a little bit of irony and humor in the way we spoke.” – Isabelle Huppert

Young Ahmed

Subtle and timely tale of radicalisation

This powerful film from the Dardenne brothers, about a Muslim boy living in a small Belgian town who is attracted to dangerous ideologies… This is a powerful movie on a contemporary issue with one very suspenseful “prison” scene – potentially suspenseful at any rate. – Guardian

The Dardenne brothers return to Cannes competition with a study of a 13-year-old Belgian-Arab boy who decides to punish his “infidel” math teacher… it’s made with the signature clarity, elliptical economy and empathy that earned the Dardennes’ work so much praise in the past. – Hollywood Reporter


The heavily pregnant Samia (Nisrin Erradi) is knocking on doors asking for work. She has left her family and gone to Casablanca so she can secretly have a baby, then give it up for adoption. Afterwards she intends to return home and lead the “normal life” that would not be available to a single, unwed mother, because she would be seen as damaged goods by the community and shunned by friends and family… [The director] creating a warm film that talks about maternity and the problems facing women in society – not just mothers – without being confrontational or aggressive.

Frankie, Young Ahmed and Adam premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2019.

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