Cannes Film Festival 2021 Day 7: Petrov’s Flu (2021)

Cannes Day 7: What the Critics say – Petrov’s Flu by Kirill Serebrennikov.

What the Critics say...

by Alexa Dalby

Petrov’s Flu

CAUTION: Here be spoilers

Kirill Serebrennikov Returns to Form With a Delirious Post-Soviet Pandemic Vision

“This surreal trek through a wintry urban hell mixes voices, genres and timelines with giddy abandon, to simultaneously baffling and thrilling effect.” – Variety

“…while Petrov’s Flu is certainly unorthodox in terms of technique and aesthetic boldness, and as mentioned previously features homosexual imagery that’s banned in Russia, it’s arguably a less politically radical film than his The Student from 2016, which more frontally critiqued reactionary mindsets. But then again, not every work from a dissident artist has to challenge authority; sometimes, just departing from the norms of realism is enough to make a film radical, and in this Petrov’s Flu succeeds emphatically.” – Hollywood Reporter

Petrov’s Flu has been acquired by Curzon in the UK.

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