Cannes Film Festival 2021 Day 7: Tre Piani (Three Floors) (2021)

Cannes Film Festival 2021 Day 7: Three Floors (Tre Piani) by Nanni Moretti – what the critics say.

What the Critics say...

by Alexa Dalby

Tre Piani

CAUTION: Here be spoilers

Three Floors (Tre Piani) is, by any standard, one of his minor works. It will click mainly with hard-core fans, who will appreciate its recap of Morettian themes, tropes, locations and actors and its heavily underlined political correctness vis-à-vis women and immigrants… those looking for a film that attempts new narrative or technical adventures, the interwoven stories of three middle-class families living in a sprawling Roman condo are a disappointment. Above all, the theme of ordinary people dealing with their hopes and fears in the face of major trauma — and there are some big shockers in each of the stories — fails to hit the same emotive highs as, say, The Son’s Room.” – Hollywood Reporter

“…This isn’t awful but it isn’t great either. It’s a comedy-drama and the incorporation of themes such as paedophilia and rape doesn’t sit right with the tone of the story. It handles its other subjects well…” – The Upcoming

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