Good Boy (2023)

The ironically titled Good Boy, a semi-comic short written and directed by Tom Stuart, demonstrates once again what a good actor Ben Whishaw is.

How not to deal with grief

by Alexa Dalby

Good Boy


Out of money and out of luck, Danny (played by BAFTA-winner Ben Whishaw) attempts to rob a bank with the help of his anarchic mum, Jackie (played by SAG-winner Marion Bailey). But his efforts are frustrated by the family doctor who confronts him at the doors of the bank, unnerving his resolve and shattering his plans. Danny drives around town in his battered VW van with Jackie in the back, a dead pigeon on the passenger seat, and a growing sense of desperation, as we begin to sense that everything is not as it seems…



Good Boy is written and directed by Ben Whishaw’s longtime friend, actor and debut director Tom Stuart.

Good Boy is under consideration for a Bafta and is an Oscar-qualifyingshort. It can be seen at:

Aesthetica Film Festival, York: in-person screenings on 8/10/11 November 2023. Virtual film festival via the Aesthetica Film Festival online platform 8-12 November 2023, and all content including Good Boy available On Demand UK-wide 13-30 November 2013.

Leeds Film Festival: in person screening 11 November 2023.

Norwich Film Festival: in-person screening 18 November 2023. Available On Demand UK-wide via the festival’s online platform 19 November-3 December 2023.

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